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Senbazuru for Hope & Healing 

My installation Senbazuru for Hope & Healing is based on the Japanese tradition of folding one thousand paper cranes called Senbazuru. In Japan, the paper crane is a symbol of peace, hope, and healing. It is considered the “bird of happiness,” a mystical and majestic creature that according to myth can live for a thousand years. Tradition has it that if a person were to fold one thousand paper cranes in a single year, they would be given one special wish that would grant long life, healing from illness or injury, and eternal happiness. My one thousand paper cranes floating among illuminated peony petals are symbols of hope and healing in a caring and embodied way: Celebrate the Hope, Find the Self, and Treasure the Value of Being Together.

Emmanuelle Jackson

Corruption Techniques 

Based around the album “Dirty Computer” by Janelle Monae, I will share 5 sets of life struggles the best way I know how to. This performance art piece will string together a story through improvised and choreographed dance, poetry and short story that I’ve written.

Imagined, Programmed, Made, Felt & Deleted.


All is Bright 

Join Serpentine Studios artists Laura Selenzi, Tina Gayle and Anastasia Burinskaya for a glowing showcase of LED circus arts and bellydance.

Known best for their expertise in Bellydance (Raks Sharqi) and Circus Arts, Serpentine Studios Inc has been showcasing the talent of performing artists in the Maritimes since 2007. Regularly presenting dance events, productions, workshops and classes in Halifax, NS; Serpentine Studios is a well-known force in the arts community.


here i am 

In this installation piece, I will explore the process of collage making through stop-motion video. Collage, which reimagines text and image fragments from recycled material, is accessible, D-I-Y in nature, and has been used as an activist tool. Documenting the creation process through stop motion video highlights the layered nature of collage and might likewise demonstrate how I use the art form to make sense of the places and spaces that surround me.   


Trans Divinity 

This collection of work explores the lived reality and experiences of being trans. With a focus on trans liberation, empowerment and challenging religious norms, this collection will position trans bodies, identities and experiences as divine. Through mixed media including poetry, photography and painting, Steel Transplants hopes to make you reflect on and challenge your experiences of religion and gender. 


Armure de Fleur 

This living and interactive piece comes from deeply rooted feelings of frustration and anger that often inhabit men struggling with depression and other mental illness . These feeling live in me to this day.

The base of the piece will be an armature of metal and wire representing the armour that men often have to put up to hind their mental struggles, the armature will be the covered in white flowers and other delicate materials that signify the fragility and veil that I hide behind.


The armature will be in the shape of an exaggerated ball gown. The shape mirrors the femininity that is often associated with mental health issues and how it’s often said that men don’t cry, that’s something done by female and other genders…

The fragility of the flowers covering the armature will then come alive as viewers can interact with the piece by throwing and pouring vibrant neon pain onto the piece. They will be encouraged to reflect for a moment about their frustrations and anger or any other impactful or important moment that has touched them in some deep way before the paint is splattered across the soft white petals.

At the end of the event the flowers will have begun to wilt which reinforces the vision of how fragile someone can be despise building up their armour.


I keep letting you win so that I can hold your hand + I’ll get you next time 

Small gestures of tenderness and affection in the quiet moments of the day seldom announce themselves. How to pin them down, hold them still. A moment of time is never the same twice, while a childhood is seemingly able to slip through your fingers if you look away. I have enlarged a joyful moment, and made it a spectacle to hold your attention, to let you linger. And yet, even here life does not go as expected. A game without a winner, the thumbs will never touch, yet the hands are unable to part.


I keep letting you win so that I can hold your hand is the most recent in a series of participant driven works that explore the alleviation of tension though physical movement with unanticipated yet pleasant outcomes. The meditative qualities produced by the repetitive motions of textile work benefit me as an artist, while the tactility of the medium invites the viewer’s hand to draw closer. The playfulness of this piece wrestles with our collective unease toward touching, sharing the heightened tension between desire and apprehension.  

This installation includes the sculpture I keep letting you win so that I can hold your hand, and the 1.27 sec video; I’ll get you next time. 


Intergalactic Invasion: We Come With Beats! 

An out of this orbit interactive installation inspired by sci-fi, cartoons, and anime! Circuit Witch is an alien from outer space [planet yet to be named] who (crash)landed in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Upon exploration of the terrestrial world they have for now deemed this place sufficient to reside. Prepare for a DJ set of the brightest bops this side of the Milky Way!

Some highlights: Smoke Machine, Bubbles, Strobe Lights & Projections on a screen!


Proud Fredericton 

Collaborative muralism is meant to create and deepen bonds and spark the joy of creation. Collaboration is the spirit of community. Each person’s contribution, no matter how small, comes together to create something new that would never have been possible without them, Professionals bring their keen eye; enthusiasts bring their joy; beginners learn that they, too, can make something beautiful. The design flows and changes as it absorbs hints of the people who contributed to it, without losing its central elements, which are tended to by my collective’s shared vision. The result is a living piece art containing the care, pride, energy and togetherness of Fredericton. 

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