The Artists


Senbazuru for Hope & Healing 

My installation Senbazuru for Hope & Healing is based on the Japanese tradition of folding one thousand paper cranes called Senbazuru. In Japan, the paper crane is a symbol of peace, hope, and healing. It is considered the “bird of happiness,” a mystical and majestic creature that according to myth can live for a thousand years. Tradition has it that if a person were to fold one thousand paper cranes in a single year, they would be given one special wish that would grant long life, healing from illness or injury, and eternal happiness. My one thousand paper cranes floating among illuminated peony petals are symbols of hope and healing in a caring and embodied way: Celebrate the Hope, Find the Self, and Treasure the Value of Being Together.

Emmanuelle Jackson

Corruption Techniques 

Based around the album “Dirty Computer” by Janelle Monae, I will share 5 sets of life struggles the best way I know how to. This performance art piece will string together a story through improvised and choreographed dance, poetry and short story that I’ve written.

Imagined, Programmed, Made, Felt & Deleted.


All is Bright 

Join Serpentine Studios artists Laura Selenzi, Tina Gayle and Anastasia Burinskaya for a glowing showcase of LED circus arts and bellydance.

Known best for their expertise in Bellydance (Raks Sharqi) and Circus Arts, Serpentine Studios Inc has been showcasing the talent of performing artists in the Maritimes since 2007. Regularly presenting dance events, productions, workshops and classes in Halifax, NS; Serpentine Studios is a well-known force in the arts community.


here i am 

In this installation piece, I will explore the process of collage making through stop-motion video. Collage, which reimagines text and image fragments from recycled material, is accessible, D-I-Y in nature, and has been used as an activist tool. Documenting the creation process through stop motion video highlights the layered nature of collage and might likewise demonstrate how I use the art form to make sense of the places and spaces that surround me.   


Trans Divinity 

This collection of work explores the lived reality and experiences of being trans. With a focus on trans liberation, empowerment and challenging religious norms, this collection will position trans bodies, identities and experiences as divine. Through mixed media including poetry, photography and painting, Steel Transplants hopes to make you reflect on and challenge your experiences of religion and gender. 

Nicholas Walsh

The pillar of life

The pillar of life is a large scale ink illustration wrapping around a 5 foot pillar. The illustration depicts a giant serpent weaving around itself, eventually swallowing its own tail. Upon the body of the serpent is all kinds of floura fauna, and fungi, depicting the changing seasons. 

The pillar will be displayed in a geodesic dome, alongside a community of large neon mushrooms.

Immerse yourself in the journey of the serpent and reflect on the cycles of nature that can sometimes be missed in modern life.


I keep letting you win so that I can hold your hand + I’ll get you next time 

Small gestures of tenderness and affection in the quiet moments of the day seldom announce themselves. How to pin them down, hold them still. A moment of time is never the same twice, while a childhood is seemingly able to slip through your fingers if you look away. I have enlarged a joyful moment, and made it a spectacle to hold your attention, to let you linger. And yet, even here life does not go as expected. A game without a winner, the thumbs will never touch, yet the hands are unable to part.


I keep letting you win so that I can hold your hand is the most recent in a series of participant driven works that explore the alleviation of tension though physical movement with unanticipated yet pleasant outcomes. The meditative qualities produced by the repetitive motions of textile work benefit me as an artist, while the tactility of the medium invites the viewer’s hand to draw closer. The playfulness of this piece wrestles with our collective unease toward touching, sharing the heightened tension between desire and apprehension.  

This installation includes the sculpture I keep letting you win so that I can hold your hand, and the 1.27 sec video; I’ll get you next time. 


Intergalactic Invasion: We Come With Beats! 

An out of this orbit interactive installation inspired by sci-fi, cartoons, and anime! Circuit Witch is an alien from outer space [planet yet to be named] who (crash)landed in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Upon exploration of the terrestrial world they have for now deemed this place sufficient to reside. Prepare for a DJ set of the brightest bops this side of the Milky Way!

Some highlights: Smoke Machine, Bubbles, Strobe Lights & Projections on a screen!


Proud Fredericton 

Collaborative muralism is meant to create and deepen bonds and spark the joy of creation. Collaboration is the spirit of community. Each person’s contribution, no matter how small, comes together to create something new that would never have been possible without them, Professionals bring their keen eye; enthusiasts bring their joy; beginners learn that they, too, can make something beautiful. The design flows and changes as it absorbs hints of the people who contributed to it, without losing its central elements, which are tended to by my collective’s shared vision. The result is a living piece art containing the care, pride, energy and togetherness of Fredericton. 

Adam Myatt


Scattered is a video installation of half-memories. Flipping through a phone’s photo library, trying to remember how yesterday was different from today was different from tomorrow was different from the day after that. Projections thrown through prisms, this project tries to order and materialize the artists’ last few years. If nothing else, it should be nice to look at for a few minutes.


Evolutionary Forest 

digital installation, generative simulation, 2022

Evolutionary Forest is a digital installation featuring a virtual ecosystem which continually evolves through cycles of collapse and regrowth. Within this dynamic simulation, different tree species compete and grow in response to changing landscape conditions. Wildfire and disease events kill trees when they are overcrowded and homogenized, balancing the ecosystem and ultimately enhancing diversity over time. However, as simulated climatic conditions are changed, disturbance events become more severe and dramatically transform the landscape. Evolutionary Forest presents an imaginative space to consider ecological processes that drive collapse, adaptation and resilience in the context of climate change.


Not photo, not copy

This photographic in-situ installation reflects upon how the photorealistic representations of real live things are considered to be those objects in and of themselves; and not merely a representation of them. In the present day digital realities we live, there is no distinction made between a photograph of something and the actual physical thing that picture represents.


Conjuring the Creator

I will be bringing together my love of colour, movement and expression to create an ephemeral mural experience. Painting, tie dye, silk, body paint, dancers and live music will all be involved. For me, art is all about bringing light, joy and the beauty that exists in all of us to the surface. It’s about looking through the darkness and stepping into our fully embodied light.  This pop-up mural will be the backdrop for live music and performance art, but also an opportunity for the public to step into a unique role in public art and become part of the piece themselves.


Game Night 

A new series of installations wherein tabletop games are socially reimagined.

Nat Cann is a Canadian printmaker whose projects hone upon the haunting of lands – ideologies and industries keeping afloat Canadian notions of colonial heritage and their subsequent degradations. These notions of commorancy are further expressed through lens based printed matter, material choice, and installations.


Nat Cann has exhibited across Canada, and has gratefully acted as a mentor, instructor, and technical assistant to numerous students and professionals unversed in printmaking. Nat has been granted numerous residencies and his recent print projects have been intertwined with a variety of publications, exhibitions, and research grants. His work has been consistently supported by ArtsNB’s funding programs and the Canada Council for the Arts.

Nat obtained a BFA from Mount Allison University (2012) and now resides and in Saint John, New Brunswick, a colonial coastal city upon the unceded territory of the Wolastoqiyik (Maliseet) and Mi’kmaq Peoples.

Thushara Premarajan

Indian Semi-Classical Dance

I am Thushara Premarajan currently settled in Fredericton, New Brunswick. I have learned the Indian classical form, Bharatanatyam, and have performed in various stages in my home country, India. I love to dance and it makes me happy, and confident! Indian semi-classical dance is a stylized classical dance form that has an extensive movement of the body while maintaining expressions with grace and speed.



Join Lumen Lux for an eclectic fire show!

She will be presenting a romantic piece and pyromancing the crowd.

Lumen Lux is a multifaceted performer who fell in love with the arts at a young age. Beginning her fire journey in 2016, Lumen progressed from spinning fire to eating it. Their many talents also include hooping, flow arts, gogo and burlesque.

Lumen Lux has performed at festivals such as Evolve Music Festival, Fire and Water Cultural Festival, Nocturne, Future Forest, and many other events throughout Atlantic Canada.

Lumen’s passion for the performance arts is what gives them the drive to make dynamic and exciting acts.



Clémence Langlois, Daphnée McIntyre et Samuel LeBlanc sont trois
originaires de Moncton qui sortent récemment de leur coquille pour trouver réconfort dans la musique. Iels ont fait leur début en pleine pandémie et montrent leurs créations pour la première fois en remportant Accros 17 et la 52 e édition du Gala de la Chanson de Caraquet. C’est dans le but de partager leur passion pour la musique avec le public qu’iels présentent leurs balades riches en émotions purement venues du cœur.


Happy Hour

Emma He is an 19 year old singer-songwriter born and raised in Fredericton.

A classically trained pianist of 12 years, she has gone on to express herself in music, through her own compositions.

She keeps it simple with the piano and her voice but writes poetic lyrics that drip with emotion. Her performances include shows at local cafes and just recently, Flourish Festival.

You can find her on Spotify under the name HEXEE and listen to her songs ‘Fairy Tale’ and ‘Fire Exit’



Gallery 78, 796 Queen St. will be hosting two National Film board screenings outdoors

7:30 pm – Miller Brittain by Kent Martin (1981) 57 minutes

8:30 pm –  Kwa’nu’te’: Micmac and Maliseet Artists by Catherine Anne Martin & Kimberlee McTaggart (1991) 41 min

Popcorn will be served. 25 chairs available.


Free Admission to Collections

Beaverbrook Art Gallery will be open to all, free of charge, as part of Illuminate Arts Festival between 6:00pm and 12:00am. 

New Brunswick’s provincial art gallery has enriched life through art since 1959. Current exhibits include Confrontations, Wabanaki Modern: The Artistic Legacy of the 1960s “Micmac Indian Craftsmen,” Deanna Musgrave: Transcendence, James Wilson: Social Studies, Cathy Ross: Ministers Island in Small Pieces, Donald Stuart: Homage, Andrew Steeves: Wood Type. Beaverbrook Art Gallery will also host two Illuminate installations in the new Harrison McCain Pavilion by Thu Ho & Alana Morouney. 

Photo by Rob Blanchard. 

Stay Tuned, we will add artists as confirmed.